Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight is one of my favorite games and I am happy to review it on this site!

Just to be clear, while Batman Arkham Knight is a great game, it is not for children. It is set in Gotham city and Scarecrow has a plan to use a chemical weapon to gas Gotham City with his fear toxin. This fear toxin causes everyone but criminals, Batman (of course), and the police to evacuate Gotham. This game is very well done with great side missions and storyline content. Batman Arkham Knight is suspenseful and has many plot twists. It allows you to play as many of Batman’s allies including Batgirl (DLC), Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman. This game also offers a “season pass” which allows you to pay and additional $39.99 and get all of the downloadable content as it comes out on your console. I know it seems like a lot of money to spend in addition to the game’s price, but I personally own both the game and the season pass and enjoy them. The season pass lasts for several months from the game’s release and periodically releases new skins for Batman, his allies and Bat Mobiles. This is the first time you can use the Bat Mobile in the Arkham series, and it even has skins from several different decades.


This game is Rated M for Mature. Please comment and let me know if you feel this has been helpful or if you have any questions. Also, leave a comment if there is a toy, movie or game that you would like for one of us to review and we will do our best!







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